Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Small final changes to the title sequence

Bad film:
After adding our new clips to our title sequence to show that Christian plays a doctor role and to make our character look more medical, we decided to add a 'bad film' filter to this piece to show that this is a past flashback of the Doctor's career to introduce the audience to the character but the first clips and his workplace is slightly irrelevant to the title sequence's plot.
As a summary we added the bad film filter to present the character's occupation for a better understanding for the rest of the title sequence, however this is trying to be shown in past flashback so there is less confusion that the setting of the Doctor's workplace is not seen by the second character, Maria.

Change of editing:
Lastly we also decided to change the editing of the Doctor walking along the street following Maria slightly. Before the change, the doctor's footsteps were repeated and a dissolve transition was used to follow this repeat on the title sequence. We decided to take this out because it gave the doctor a view that he is perhaps not alive and a ghostly feel to the character. We found it too supernatural so we changed it to fast jump cuts to represent eager towards catching up with Maria instead of the repeated steps which did not really fit in with the atmosphere we was going for.

I'm glad we made these final changes to our title sequence because adding and removing some of the techniques we used has made the title sequence slightly more understanding and more fitting for the theme of Thriller that we were aiming for.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Communication outside of school

Throughout the months of preparing and planning our title sequence we have communicated outside school as a group using a Facebook chat. This has helped us a lot as we did our group analysis on it and also planned the dates which are on our production plan on it.

The complete Voiceover

This is the voiceover that used to be on the title sequence, I like the voiceover as a whole and i'm disappointed that it doesn't fit well with the title sequence as a whole. I think it sounds professional because we recorded it in the music studio in school so it was clear and easy to edit. Christian edited the voiceover on Logic Pro on a MAC to create a mysterious feel to the speech, it was also slowed down to fit more into the title sequence and to space out. The speech was also cut so the two characters took turns saying a part of the script instead of all at once like it was recorded.

I think this was a successful piece of work but our title sequence soundtrack 'Dangerous Knowledge' was more effective without voiceover over the top.


Due to the lack of time we had, we decided to go to the science tech room and pick up some science like objects that a Doctor may use and filmed in a science classroom due to the lack of time we have to get our coursework altogether. Despite filming in school, I think the image we got from filming in a science classroom looked better than what we could have made look professional outside school. In total we took 7 clips that were successful but when putting the title sequence together it made the length of it 10 seconds longer which made us more comfortable with the length as we learnt that the minimum time is 1.30 minutes and we had 1.36 minutes.

We decided to place our footage at the beginning of the title sequence before the text comes on screen to show the audience the role of one of the main characters before the plot starts being shown. In the 10 seconds we see a pan of the room he is in, showing he's in intelligent and holding equipment and then shown a clip of him putting gloves on and another squeezing liquid out a injection needle like object.

I think this reshoot has made our title sequence more successful and shows Christian's character more clearly that he's a doctor or gives the audience the hint that Christian plays a medical and more older character. 

Class Feedback

In class we showed the other students our title sequence and received coursework from other people in the lesson and the teacher. I think our feedback has helped me a lot and everyone's ideas were supportive. We handed out feedback sheets and gave them to the class to fill out and these were our results.

Overall from the lesson, we decided to change some things in our title sequence because of this feedback. We decided to take out the voiceover and it seemed too contrasting to the title sequence and the atmosphere in the sequence that we was trying to achieve. Secondly, we realised that we didn't give the Doctor enough footage to show that he actually is one, so we reshooted to get some clips of Christian behaving more like the role he's supposed to be. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sound Effects

When two members of the group went on a school trip, Me and Chris were left in lesson so we decided to look into sound for our title sequence. Our voiceover is almost done and our soundtrack has been picked so we decided to look at sound effects for some parts of our sequence.

Chris found this 'Jump' sound from a copyright free website and we both thought it would fit well into the ending of our sequence when the doctor's hand covers the screen. We added this onto our title sequence and it fit perfectly and was exactly what we was looking for. I think its made our title sequence sound more professional using sound effects and the cut being more effective, especially when it's one of our most important cuts.

We have decided to place this sound effect at this part of the title sequence, to try and show that the doctor is not grabbing Maria as a friendly gesture and that he's perhaps a dangerous man.